CCTV Storage Cloud Server Camera Software Solutions Configuration

IP camera cloud storage enables you to access to your camera recordings anywhere, but it’s not the only option.

If you want remote viewing and playback function, you don’t need to bind your IP camera to cloud storage.

Any online IP camera can do that easily via the phone app, PC or web.

No one wants to pay for the IP camera cloud storage subscriptions on top of an expansive initial camera set, especially if you are talking about security camera systems with cloud storage.

And the good news is you don’t have to, actually.

Now most IP camera cloud storage is FREE for the basic plan with like 7 days’ retention or 1GB size data storage, meaning you’ll have the latest recording forever, and it is perfectly adequate even if you put your cloud IP camera in busy areas, especially for those recording motion only.

If there is no free cloud storage available, why don’t you just turn to other camera brands that offer such service? You know, free IP camera cloud storage is supported by more and more brands to cover your basic security needs.

So a subscription is only needed if you want the premium storage packages for your cloud IP camera, which may have longer video history, lager storage space, and more supported cameras, costing you about $10 a month. After all, the cloud hosting has an associated cost itself.

If you still don’t trust the IP camera cloud storage after all these security methods, then the local storage may suit you better with no hacking risks. You know, saving to the SD card or NVR locally also offers remote control over the recordings on your phone, PC and laptop anywhere.

Here I’ve rounded up a comparison chart between the IP camera cloud storage and local storage to help you reach a final decision.

CCTV with cloud storageCCTV with local storage
Data stores on the cloud serverData stores in SD card, DVR or NVR
Files are temporary (unless you download it)Backups are forever (until it’s full and get overwritten)
Large storage spaceLimited storage space
Dependent upon your Internet connectionIndependent upon the Internet connection
No concerns about being stolen by thievesNo concerns about hacking & privacy issues
Data transfer depends on the networkData transfer speed is fast and stable
Subscriptions for advanced plansInitial payment for the hardware (SD card/NVR)

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The schedule for Day 2 of the 2-day show is:

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Software Tool Manufacturers Presenting

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CCTV Storage Cloud Server Camera Software Solutions Configuration

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