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Don’t make burglars feel welcome. Secure your home.
Burglars can find ways into your home by various methods:


  • Forcing open windows, grille gates or doors
  • Cutting padlocks and grilles
  • Gaining entry through the refuse chute, false ceiling or ventilation openings
  • Gaining entry through neighbouring house/shop
  • Gaining entry by using household tools left outside the house
Tips & Facts : Preventive Measures


  • Ensure that all doors, windows and other openings are properly secured with strong grilles and good quality close-shackled locks. Change the lock promptly if the key is lost or stolen
  • Do not leave large sums of cash in your premises. Jewellery and other valuable items should be kept in a bank or a good quality safe
  • Cancel all deliveries (e.g. newspapers, magazines) when you go on a holiday or business closure, even if it is for a few days
  • Install adequate CCTV systems or security alarms. Service them regularly and ensure that they are in good working condition
  • Secure all doors and windows at the end of daily business operations, before leaving premises unattended (even for a short while), and before retiring to bed at home
  • Avoid leaving valuables such as wallets, bags, cash, handphones and laptops near the window along the common corridor
  • Arrange for trusted persons (e.g. relatives) to clear your mailbox and to check on your premises when you are away, even if it is for a few days
  • For private housing estates, ensure that the access areas of the premises (e.g. the front-porch) are adequately lit during the hours of darkness to deter would-be criminals
If the premise is undergoing renovation


  • Secure your vacant unit with a close-shackled lock
  • Do not leave home appliances in your vacant unit. Arrange for the delivery of such items after you have moved in

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