Security Camera Housebreaking Shoplifters Shop Theft Monitor Maid

Security Camera Housebreaking Shoplifters Shop Theft Monitor Maid
Security Camera Housebreaking Shoplifters Shop Theft Monitor Maid

Security Camera Housebreaking Shoplifters Shop Theft Monitor Maid



Don’t make burglars feel welcome. Secure your home.

Burglars can find ways into your home by various methods:

  • Forcing open windows, grille gates or doors

  • Cutting padlocks and grilles

  • Gaining entry through the refuse chute, false ceiling or ventilation openings

  • Gaining entry through neighbouring house/shop

  • Gaining entry by using household tools left outside the house

Tips & Facts : Preventive Measures


  • Ensure that all doors, windows and other openings are properly secured with strong grilles and good quality close-shackled locks. Change the lock promptly if the key is lost or stolen

  • Do not leave large sums of cash in your premises. Jewellery and other valuable items should be kept in a bank or a good quality safe

  • Cancel all deliveries (e.g. newspapers, magazines) when you go on a holiday or business closure, even if it is for a few days

  • Install adequate CCTV systems or security alarms. Service them regularly and ensure that they are in good working condition

  • Secure all doors and windows at the end of daily business operations, before leaving premises unattended (even for a short while), and before retiring to bed at home

  • Avoid leaving valuables such as wallets, bags, cash, handphones and laptops near the window along the common corridor

  • Arrange for trusted persons (e.g. relatives) to clear your mailbox and to check on your premises when you are away, even if it is for a few days

  • For private housing estates, ensure that the access areas of the premises (e.g. the front-porch) are adequately lit during the hours of darkness to deter would-be criminals

If the premise is undergoing renovation


  • Secure your vacant unit with a close-shackled lock

  • Do not leave home appliances in your vacant unit. Arrange for the delivery of such items after you have moved in

Security Camera Housebreaking Shoplifters Shop Theft Monitor Maid

How to Identify Shoplifters

Shoplifters can be placed in one of two categories — professional or amateur. While both groups can be quite skilled at the art of thievery, professional shoplifters steal to make a living and may use force or intimidation. The non-professional shoplifter may be easier to spot.

Shoplifter Methods

Many of these thieves work in groups of two or more to distract the sales staff while they pilfer. Shoplifters have learnt to take advantage of the crowd situation and strike busy stores during peak hours, or during opening, closing and shift-change hours when employees are less alert.

Hiding merchandise is the most common method of shoplifting. Items may be concealed either in the clothing of the shoplifter, in handbags, strollers, umbrellas or amongst purchased merchandise. Bold shoplifters may even just grab an item and run out of the store. Other methods of shoplifting include price label switching, short changing the cashier, phoney returns, and so on.

Spot the Shoplifter

Unfortunately, there is no typical profile of a shoplifter. They come in all ages and races, and from various backgrounds. However, there are some signs that should signal a red flag for retailers. While the following characteristics do not necessarily mean guilt, retailers should keep a close eye on shoppers who exhibit the following behaviours:


  • Spending more time watching the cashier or sales clerk than actually shopping

  • Wearing bulky and heavy clothing (e.g. coats) during warm weather

  • Walking with short or unnatural steps, which may indicate that they are concealing lifted items

  • Taking several items into the dressing room and only returning with one item

  • Appearing nervous and possibly picking up random items with no interest or intent for purchase

  • Frequently entering the store but never makes a purchase

  • Entering dressing room or rest rooms with merchandise and exits with none

  • Large group(s), especially juveniles, entering the store at one time and a member of the group causes a disturbance to distract sales staff


How to Prevent Shop Theft

The easiest way for retailers to discourage theft in a store is by taking away opportunities to steal. A little thought put into the store’s layout and design can help to prevent theft before a loss occurs.

Tips & Facts : Here’s How:


  1. Checkout: Design the store layout in such a way that customers must pass by the cash register area and staff to exit the store. Never leave the register unlocked or unattended and avoid displaying merchandise near store exits. Install alarms on unlocked exits and block off unused checkout aisles.

  2. Tidy Up: Keep the store neat and orderly. Full displays and straightened shelves allow employees to see at a glance if something is missing.

  3. View All: Use mirrors to eliminate blind spots in corners where shoplifters may hide. Maintain adequate lighting in all areas of the store and keep fixtures and displays low for better visibility.

  4. Under Lock and Key: Place small, expensive items in locked cabinets or behind the counter. Rest rooms and dressing areas should be monitored at all times. Keep dressing rooms locked and limit the number of items taken in by each customer.

  5. Signage: Signs and posters reinforcing security messages should be used. Post anti-shoplifting signs like ‘Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted’ in clearly visible locations.

  6. Security: Use security equipment such as closed circuit television, security tags and two-way mirrors. Uniformed security guards are also powerful visual deterrents to the shoplifter.


4 Tips on installing a CCTV at home to monitor maid

The Singapore media has a penchant for shining the spotlight on cases of maids abusing children. It is therefore not surprising that Singaporean parents are becoming increasingly paranoid when hiring a maid. The many infamous cases of parents discovering their children being abused by the maid after installing a CCTV at home makes the case for installing a CCTV at home to monitor the maid that much stronger.

On the other hand, parents have to consider the ethical implications as well as the financial costs involved should they choose to install a CCTV at home to monitor the maid. Apart from a serious violation of the maid’s privacy, installing a CCTV at home to monitor the maid could have a negative impact on the relationship between the maid and the employer. Furthermore, the additional financial costs incurred should be taken into consideration and weighed against the benefits.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. There is no clear-cut right or wrong approach in this matter; just two ways of looking at the situation. In any case, we provide 4 tips to keep in mind should you decide to monitor your maid using CCTV surveillance.

1. Do not install the CCTV in private places

Installing CCTV at home to monitor the maid would already constitute a violation of her privacy, and it is important to not go overboard when doing so. The maid’s bedroom as well as the toilet should be free from the CCTV surveillance. Instead, only install CCTVs in public areas such as the living room or kitchen and instruct your maid to always take care of the children in these areas.

2. Inform and educate the maid

Unless you already suspect the maid is abusing your children and want to catch her in the act, it is important to inform and educate the maid on the reasons for your installation of CCTVs at home. In this way, your maid may be able to better understand your motivation for doing so and in turn help you in fostering a more positive relationship with her. Moreover, being aware that she is being watched at all times will compel her to do her best to take care of your children.

3. Monitor the maid only if young children are involved

Another important factor is that you should only install the CCTV to monitor the maid if she is taking care of young children (like babies) who are unable to articulate that they are being abused. If the children are able to talk and let you know that they are being abused, the need for installing CCTVs may be reduced.

4. Trust your instinct

If you suspect that your maid is stealing money, spiking the food or engaging in other dodgy activities, you should perhaps trust your instinct and install a CCTV to monitor the maid. However, if your gut instinct tells you otherwise, and that your maid is trustworthy, then listen to it.

Security Camera Housebreaking Shoplifters Shop Theft Monitor Maid

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