CCTV Security System Wireless CCTV Hikvision Camera Dahua Recorder Best Price

CCTV Security System Wireless CCTV Hikvision Camera Dahua Recorder Best Price


Whether you are choosing a CCTV surveillance system for your home or office, there is a need to make the right choice.
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In the digital world, IP cameras are becoming more and more popular since they have sophisticated ability to monitor, record and review activity outside and inside a property. The market however has so many choices, making it important to take a few things into consideration before making the final decision with your system or when upgrading the current system that you have.

  1. The security needs

Defining your security needs should be the first step towards finding the best system to serve those needs. The fact is what works for your neighbors might not be the right choice for you. It is important that you base your selection on the exact needs you have. For instance, are you looking to record building or car park access? Do you want to deter thieves and intruders? Do you want round the clock surveillance? Or do you want to monitor of movement on given areas of the property at given times? They are all questions that can help you make the right decision fast and easy.

  1. The basic requirements

CCTV systems are made of cameras, hardware and software depending on the recording facility offered. Analogue cameras send the video signals to central locations through copper cables while the more sophisticated IP cameras now produce digital signals that are used on IP networks to convey the images. Your requirements such as the number of cameras and type of camera will depend on the surveillance area extent and the subjects.

  1. The recording options

With the CCTV systems, you can store the images on the camera, digital video recorder or on a computer. When using an IP camera, the output is recorded digitally without any changes, whereas for analogue cameras the images must be digitized before storing. It is important to remember that with software and DVRs, you will have the ability to record a number of channels such as get images from more than one camera at a go without camera type limits. Analogue cameras on the other hand can limit the number of channels to be recorded in relation to the physical connections, image quality and length of storage time.

  1. Camera features

Fixed position or one location monitoring can be a success using analogue cameras, but an IP camera offers more flexibility since it gives greater detail and covers a greater range besides offering high definition images. The IP cameras also don’t require separate power supply and have audio recording features. Both cameras have infrared technologies to make image capturing effective during the day and night. When making your choice, go through the features and decide which one best fit into your needs and expectations.

  1. Intelligent security

When choosing, it helps to determine opportunities you have with the system to get to more intelligent security. For instance, can you integrate it with other security systems for the best results? CCTV cameras can be integrated with others such as intruder alarms to enhance security in your area. Consider all possibilities and only then make a choice.

IP cameras can be the best for your CCTV surveillance but with other options readily available, it pays to weigh all your options before making the final decision. CCTV professionals can help you make the best selection.

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CCTV Security System Wireless CCTV Hikvision Camera Dahua Recorder Best Price

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