HIKVISION Recorder 4K Camera DVR NVR Hikvision Software

HIKVISION Recorder 4K Camera DVR NVR Hikvision Software
HIKVISION Recorder 4K Camera DVR NVR Hikvision Software


What Is HIKVISION CAMERA 2MP ColorVu Technology

Hikvision Camera has been leading the security industry in imaging technology for years.

That tradition continues with our new imaging technology – Hikvision ColorVu – which means colorful views based on a large iris, high-performance sensor, and gentle supplemental lighting.

Hikvision’s ColorVu is a colorful imaging technology that helps cameras render vivid video 24/7, even in zero-light environments.

What Is HIKVISION CCTV AcuSense Technology

Hikvision Camera AcuSense Technology provides accurate sensing in security hardware.

Its primary application is target classification. Empowered by deep learning algorithms, this technology distinguishes people and vehicles from other moving targets.

Integrated with automatic triggering, AcuSense Technology takes alarm accuracy and search efficiency to a whole new level.

Hikvision Wireless IP Camera 

Hikvision Camera

  1. A Hikvision 2 MP IR Fixed Dome Network Camera DS-2CD2121G0-I $99.00
  2. Hikvision Ds-2Cd2745Fwd-Izs, 4Mp, Varifocal Motorzoom Dome Camera-$323.98
  4. B Hikvision Ds-2Cd2721G0-Izs 2 Mp Ir Vf Dome Network Camera-$217.28
  5. $65.20

Hikvision IP Speed Dome

2. HIKVISION Embedded Plug & Play 4K NVR DS-7608NI-K1/8P $250.00


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HIKVISION Recorder 4K Camera DVR NVR Hikvision Software

Home Office Chain Store Solution with the Most Advanced AI Technologies

Hikvision Camera is dedicated to developing the most advanced AI technology and to making it available in affordable, convenient, and vitally effective packages for today’s needs.

Loss prevention, precision marketing, intelligent operation, and more all come together in this flexible and powerful platform.

Enhanced ATM Network Security and Customer Service Experience

Hikvision Camera install large numbers of Bank ATMs to improve service, to enhance marketability, and to reduce labor costs.

ATM machines provide around-the-clock banking access to customers.

The Retail Chain Solution packs the most advanced AI technologies into complete end to end solutions for multi-site shopping areas  any kind.

With the convenience there  comes potential safety risks.

A Smart Solution For ATM Network
• Prevents crimes, ensures normal and safe transactions at ATM machines
• Helps ATM administrators keep machines operating correctly
• Prevents vandalism to ATM machines to protect a bank’s assets
• Records video surveillance footage of the whole process of a customer’s ATM machine use
• Provides material evidence for post-event and forensic analysis
• Links ATM machines to networked surveillance for central and hierarchical control

Creating Secure and Serene Learning Environments

As students spend the majority of the day in schools, campus security is of paramount importance to every school administrator and every parent to develop an effective.

Hikvision Camera security system, all the possible risks – including suspects breaking into campus, stealing, and threatening student safety – must be fully considered.

A campus security and protection solution utilizing Hikvision Camera most advanced network, audio, video, and intelligent recognition technologies, ensures students, parents, and administrators can enjoy a secured and serene learning environment.

•  High management efficiency with integrated systems    •  High efficiency emergency processing

•  Organized management in school subsystems   •  No blind spots in video surveillance and alarm systems

•  High system intelligence level   •  Sufficient staff for campus management

•  Few alarm devices in open areas E.g.playgrounds

Advanced Security, Safer Society

The Hikvision Camera Safe City Solution provides sound, stable, and reliable municipal security.

It features a series of advanced technologies and various security subsystems to safeguard industries, centralize operations, and integrate security platforms.

These integrated technologies enable rapid and effective responses to security needs and events.

All componentry, software, and services in the Safe City Solution reinforce public administration, improve people’s lives, and boost substantial, long-term development.

Hikvision’s Safe City Solution Features:
• Personnel protection, forensic investigation, vehicle surveillance, parallel analysis, video patrol, and information retrieval;
• Status analysis, comprehensive assessment, preventive measures, data relationship mining, centralized security footage, and valuable statistics.

City Surveillance

A well-crafted city surveillance system will deter vandals and prevent security threats, and the best installations go unnoticed by the public at large.

Hikvision provides a series of front-end devices in various applications to provide strategic surveillance and prevent criminal activities.

Vehicle Management

Hikvision Singapore analog camera One of the key features of Hikvision’s Safe City Solution is its ability to help authorities manage traffic and monitor vehicles.

Traffic Enforcement Applications

Ensuring road safety and smooth travel, the system can detect violations & behavior for further analysis.

• Red light violation • Wrong-way driving   • Illegal lane change   • Illegal parking    • Speeding violation   • Unfastened seat belt

Traffic Flow Management

Traffic big data analysis predicts traffic in advance to prevent traffic jams,conducts effective signal control and guidance.• Traffic guidance
• 2 Traffic signal control   3 Traffic event detection

Vehicle Applications For Public Security

Combining ANPR Hikvision camera

hikvision analog camera

Similarity tests among vehicle types help law enforcement to identify a suspected vehicle.

This is a  conventional method of identification using structured data like license plate numbers.

Smart Traffic, Safe Transit

Hikvision is committed to providing complete and innovative solutions in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS).

From an illegal parking detection system to a mobile police security system, or even integrated into a comprehensive control platform, Hikvision’s Intelligent traffic solution will have you covered.

HIKVISION Recorder 4K Camera DVR NVR Hikvision Software



Speeding Detection                                              Traffic Incident Detection System                   Intersection Violation Detection


Traffic Flow Collection                                         Parking Violation                                                  Mobile Enforcement  


Traffic Guidance                                                     Traffic Management Signal Control System                

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